NYC / 2018

Rebel Science is a "Mobilize Walls" mural focused on the current US administration's treatment of the science community. It feels as though  scientists are under an attempt from the Trump administration to delegitimize long-term data and research. This mural is to honor the  science history relative to the present. It represents the diverse and under appreciated  scientists and science related figures. Each person depicted in this mural has been targeted outside sources to delegitimize their work or character including race, sexual orientation, discoveries, progressive outlook, gender or nationality. The science community is a rigorous global network of highly talented and intelligent people that hold one another accountable. Together, this community strives for the edge of what we can comprehend on deepest levels of any discipline currently known. These discoveries can bring our quality of life to a higher standard and make the world more bearable place. The research and data the science community provides can help us deepen our relationship to the Earth, each other, and ourselves  and exemplifies how we can avoid our destructive human negligence. We must support the complex legitimacy of this important community more than ever; our humanity and a clean life on Earth depends on it.


The Revolution will be Datarized. Estimated SQ. FT. 178 Manhattan NYC.


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