Born 1980 San Angelo, TX


Internationally acclaimed, Santa Fe-based artist activator Joerael Numina (b. 1980, San Angelo, Texas), has been dedicated to creating art that promotes meaningful social change. For Joerael, art is about bringing awareness. His artistic advancements have a science and technological bend such as embedding his large-scale murals with QR codes allowing the viewer to dive deeper into the compelling content of the piece beyond the visual experience. An activator, muralist, tattoo artist and frequent lecturer, Joerael was the first artist in residence at the Santa Fe Institute (SFI) and participates in its Broken Symmetry Society, which engages with artists, writers, poets, musicians, and other creative thinkers in talks, panels and onsite art exhibitions in partnership with SFI’s scientists. 

Founded by Joerael 2017


A visionary disruptor and art entrepreneur, Joerael creates art that matters in all its forms from mixed media drawings and paintings to large-scale mural projects. The founder of a project called Mobilize Walls, launched in the days following in the 2018 election, Joerael network of fast-growing murals is now 40,000 feet long and acts as a petition of scale. Indeed, his project is the polar opposite of Trump’s proposed wall; it’s decentralized, transformative, inclusive, healing—bridging versus building borders between communities. “All the work I’m trying to do is about transformation, unity and inclusiveness.”


Beyond the Mobilize Walls project, Joerael is creating major activations blending science and art. Commissioned by Bradbury Science Museum and Los Alamos, Joerael’s talent was tapped by the NASA’s Mars Rover Curiosity and its Curiosity team to create a mural to connect the community to this critical exploration. His one-of-kind mural, crafted in a “graf-futurism” style, was part of the interplanetary festival in Santa Fe. Embedded with QR codes, the art installation melds art and science to spark curiosity and conversation.  His series A Clip of Petals showed at the Center for Contemporary Arts Santa Fe in 2018 is a visual commentary on the pressing issue of gun control, mass shootings and the environment. Full of light and love coupled with darkness, the series tells an entire story of American promise, a dichotomy of hope and lost dreams.    


A self-taught artist, Joerael’s earliest drawings date to his second birthday and he spent much time making art during his early childhood, using found objects, namely old toys, to create ready-made sculptures. His fascination with decoding art came to the fore when watching the fall of the Berlin Wall on his television set as a nine-year-old boy—fully captivated by the graffiti, letters and names of the wall.