Free Printable Coloring Book 

Hello Friends click the PDF button to Print this free coloring book to help pass the time during this  pandemic. Be aware this coloring project is complex and advanced as well as not PG. It is my intention to help keep you occupied as well as get to dive into my work, views on yoga and personal cryptic visual stories. I made this about two years ago and gave it out to about 5 people. Please make a few copies let the discussions flow and challenge yourself to color this work. Keep your pencils sharp and light handed with your markers. 


If you wish to make a donation "some of you asked". Please feel free to Venmo me @joerael-Numina , Note this is a remote gift during this time for you all. However I will receive anything if you are feeling generous. Please share this link with your friends and family. 

Enjoy and stay healthy and full of kindness.

Joerael Numina