While in Bangkok I was inspired to tap into my graffiti roots as the country is filled with a strong movement of graffiti letters and street art. The main piece I created for Meeting of styles was a Garuda. The Garuda has the power to create and do anything he pleases. This power comes with a burden. When having the power to make an image of any kind I myself face a burden. I question what I may open up to the world or the repercussions of how an image can effect lives. In the case of graffiti writing and in all its glory and freedom it spans  the globe all from its humble beginnings in Philadelphia, PA USA  from the legendary CORNBREAD. As  much as graffiti has been a transformational beautiful thing full of immense freedom writers have lost their lives, been incarcerated and citizens have had felt the need to spend money covering it up etc.. Graffiti is a powerful legit visual form of expression with many layers on all ends of the spectrum.


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