Critical Moment


The title of this work is “Critical Moment”. This work was informed by my social network giving me feedback on what they wanted to see in my back yard as well as little creatures and trees doing their magical earth things. This piece was to celebrate the 50th Earth day and give creative voice to the planet. The organizations that put this festival on “ a first of its kind” were PangeaSeed Foundation  Whanganui Walls, Sea Walls and Alternative Arts Initiative . Over 800 artists from around the globe participated and made awesome content!


 During the process  of this work I thought about how this is the most psychedelic time we as a global community have ever experienced as one. The COVID 19 pandemic has put the unknown into our lives in a very severe way. The title reflects this moment as a potential catalyst for awareness and changing our ways a moment to pause as said by my wife Kristina Numina. The most magical contribution my wife pointed out to me was an ant dragging a dead black widow up the wall backwards five times its size. We reflected and discussed this and felt this to us was a sign of our future on the planet. It’s a big task but this carcass of meaning is abundant and nourishing. If we can muster up the tenacity to take on this task we will find magic from within to move in a good light into the future. To utilize what we have and see the constant abundance and possibilities that surround us. I certainly did not paint this work alone. This work flowed out of my fingers but my community and the creatures in my life were in my heart.



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