Voyager was commissioned by the Santa Fe Institute. The theme of this work is inspired by SFI's Interplanetary Festival 2020 and their theme voyager. In this dense dark work I address the terror of voyaging into the unknown. Depicted are the potential perils that can come to mind as one may embark upon an experience or voyage into mystery. The main visuals you see is of deceased  or abandoned astronauts with the gesture of a graphic novel style terror.


As you look closer into the work there are also optimistic and real samples from history. for instance on the left shoulder of the main astronaut is a gesture of ancestral Hawaiians paddling in the ocean under the stars. I could only imagine the moments of terror in the journey those ancestors must have endured  in traveling to one of the remote places on Earth guided by the stars.

The work also includes a visual depiction of a portrayed future ancestor looking back at us with a discerning glare. Maybe curious of why the people of our time were so destructive and violent and have left them a world in ruin.


Coded in the piece are multiple languages, Quechua symbols, the Drake equation, Mars outposts, the Golden Record and even a small topographical city grid on the moon.





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