In creating my design I integrated my personal explorations with the importance of art in the world and mixed it together with the concept and future of water as a catalyst to my visual result. To me art does a number of complex things within the external and inner worlds we experience. In the case of our water resource and the future environmental variations and changes I believe art will and does make the world a more bearable place. Not only does art make exploring complex perceptions of reality bearable, Art also offers us ways to critically think and to problem solve creatively. In my rendering is a depiction of a hand painting into a fluid wave of movement representing possible futures. This depiction is to draw attention to the critical thinking and problem solving," How do we create, solve, resonate, fit into, think about and create in the vortex of fast changing futures?" There are a few visual element that represent inner wishes and hopes for our creations to be fruitful in their meanings. For instance There are wings depicted to symbolize the energy and efforts of our work to soar, be witnessed, inspire and create the bearable experience of existing. The other important symbol is portions of red discs with point which are pieces of mandalas. These mandalas represent the global community or all relations from human to the microcosm. Within the red mandalas there are a deeper shade of red in the form of graffiti letters. Graffiti is the first globally networked form of visual expression so it is fitting to represent all directions with multiple clusters of style to represent all that water touches. I believe this work fits into the program because I am depicting the depth of what art education provides


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