This work highlights some of the deviant behaviors that I come from Graffiti to Skateboarding. Participating in these cultures has helped me see how behaviors like these help define and unearth the fabric of our moral fibers. These behaviors once and still considered Deviant also cultivate obscure innovation and invention. Skateboarding is a global street sport that spans the planet and unifies humans on a piece of rolling wood. The tricks challenge the body and brain to their edge. It being a public street sport it has the platform to push some insane boundaries beyond our imaginations. Skateboarding can also enhance what a simple curb can mean to a group of people. Graffiti I can say a lot about but as far as this mural is concerned there has never been a globally networked form of visual expression before graffiti. The communication patterns hobos and writers used "monikers & symbols" to communicate has also informed the way we use social media. To top it off one of the best things about graffiti is that it brings to light who’s voices get heard and questions the fiber of what property is. “We do not own the earth the earth owns us” The skateboarder in this piece is a reference of Brandon Gilbert from a photograph from Thomas Kirschenmann . I used to skateboard with these guys a ton growing up in San Angelo, TX. Before skateboarding the town seemed a boring wasteland and then magically with a few tricks under our sleeves the town became a teenage playground full of thrashing, hiding from the cops, dodging flying beer bottles and danger. 


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