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In December 2019 BNOK and an anonymous friend headed out on a cold night inspired by DJ KAYOTE'S "FUNK THE WALL" mix  and spelled it out. "FUNK DA WALL" is a small statement on the preservation of uninterrupted desert in the Southwest USA and Northwest Mexico along the border. It also serves as a statement against Trumps border wall and the toxic division it creates in the multicultural lands of turtle island.  This work is an unsolicited piece that serves as an interwoven part of the visual culture of New Mexico. As long as it burns along the secret arroyo its a reminder to not ease up on our awareness of border issues. To not forget the violence, abuse, and racism cultivated by the Republican party under the Trump administration. Even though the wall's production has stopped temporarily there are a mass of people who want the border wall built as well as perpetuate the abuse it represents. 

Originally painted by Joerael in 2017 for ABQ Mural Fest this was was titled "COYOTE AND ROADRUNNER". Another visual commentary on the environmental impact of the border wall. In 2019 an Albuquerque writer NAPY went over the piece to upgrade his IG following. It's possible that NAPY was not aware of the content of the mural, however he may be a Trump supporter. This is not verified. NAPY doing an wack piece inspired Joerael, BNOK and an invite to legendary MEJOR to give Albuquerque a "FUNK DA WALL" spell out/ blockbuster/ landfill.


The public space in urban settings is a wilderness of expression. Sometimes these things happen as they should it cultivates evolution and change.  This is a documentation on a small piece of history in the streets in this historical time. The more writers and artist spell it out the more a non commodified awareness is weaved into our culture. 

No BEEF was cultivated in this process just an evolution of a burner burning under the New Mexico sun. 




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