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imprinting dimensional states of being


Discover details of Joerael's epic mural at The Corcoran School of the Arts and Design. This mural spans the length of 2,052 square feet and artistically shares the history of the local Piscataway Tribe. The Piscataway are the people where the rivers bend and call the DC Bay Area their homeland.

The mural is large, colorful, and unapologetically descriptive of story.


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This work was created in collaboration with members of the Piscataway Tribe. The mural is in honor of the Piscataway people whose ancestral land is currently the United States capital. This work touches upon the complexities and histories of indigenous activism in the DC bay area. Joerael took his time and made sure to hold himself accountable to in-depth research and interviews with the tribe Sebi and Gabrielle Tayac of the Piscataway tribe. Joerael developed relations and learned about the tribe's roots in activism. Joerael also included in each design the diversity of the tribe and the resilience of survival. 

A deep bow of gratitude for Piscataway Tribal members Sebi Tayac and Gabrielle Tayac. Their contributions, time, and stories supported manifesting the mural to reality. 


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