Graffiti, Street Art & Activation Lecture/Workshop Series


Muralist and visual artist Joerael Numina has originated works, installations, and exhibits across the country at the Corcoran School of the Arts and Design, the Center for Contemporary Arts, CRUSH Walls and the Painted Desert Project. An expert on the politics and culture of graffiti, he has delivered his lecture series and hands-on graffiti workshop at the Santa Fe Art Institute, Santa Fe Institute and  Mercer University.


Lecture & Workshop Options

The following options can be delivered individually or together as package series. For details contact Lauri Westfall at


*Lecture 1: “Indigenous City Culture- Graffiti History”

This lecture provides an in depth look at the history of graffiti and how it has informed several aspects of our culture including social networking, digital communication, abstract perspectives of urban environments, and ideals with respect to the human body. It will highlight key individuals in graffiti history, how graffiti is documented, the artist's theories regarding the transience of identity, how to identify graffiti, constraints and the future of graffiti culture. This lecture will encourage viewers to see a connection between graffiti writing and their community in a new light.


*Lecture 2: “Art and Activiation”


The lecture explores select individuals in the history of art and activism, the documentation of their works genres within the fields. It delves into ethical questions, solutions to issues regarding activist art, transformation of public spaces, awareness-building through art, as well as artist's thoughts on how these practices can open our minds during these tumultuous times.



*Workshop: “Can Control and Hand Style Workshop”


This hands-on lecture explores the urban chirography techniques of regional tags in style-writing culture and the art of controlling an aerosol paint cans. Participants are first guided through tagging exercises with markers to develop rhythm and flow while maintaining structure of letters. The workshop will move to various can control techniques analyzing distance, velocity, angles, caps and various pressures of paint. The goal is for each  participant to leave with a basic knowledge and aptitude to build on in cultivating individualized tags and utilization of spray cans.


*Mural Creation


Joerael approaches every mural differently in regard to content and technique. Variables such as site's history, architecture, scale, surface, location, and time influence the overall process. One key of consistency is that Joerael creates  murals  to transform each space in a positive and impactful way. He gives life to deep and mindful compositions, rich in content, and spawns each mural into a professional work of art.