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Mobilize Walls launched in the days following in the 2018 election, Joerael and his band of artist friends, are in the process of out-(sm)art-ing and out-scaling the proposed Trump wall. His network of fast-growing murals is now 40,000 feet long and acts as a petition of scale. Indeed, his project is the polar opposite of the proposed wall; it’s decentralized, transformative, inclusive, healing—bridging versus building borders between communities.

Our wall

CURRENT ESTIMATED Sq. Ft. = 58,204.5
1,200 Miles

Our Map

Our Map of networked murals spans from India to Thailand. Multiple artists and talents have contributed to this massive undertaking to make a statement of unity. 

 "We are working to push the boundaries on how current and historical issues are visually portrayed, healed, discussed ,conceptualized, activated and shared through public art."


Untitled - January 6, 2022 15.14 01 Artboard 2 copy.png
  • Instagram - White Circle
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