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Rebel science


Joerael was commissioned by LUX Capital to paint a mural in honor of science history. Joerael integrated his unique skill and artistic flare for this large scale mural of 178 square feet. You will see big graffiti like styles mixed with fine art painting strokes. This opportunity was revered by Joerael as he highly respects scientist and their work. Joerael works directly with scientist at the Santa Fe Institute illustrating their research projects.


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Rebel Science is a mural honoring science history relative to the present. This mural strategically represents the diverse and under appreciated scientists as well as well known science related figures.

Each scientist depicted in this mural has been targeted from outside sources to delegitimize their work or character. These unjust targets were based upon their race, sexual orientation, discoveries, progressive outlook, gender or nationality.


The science community is a rigorous global network of highly talented and intelligent people that hold one another accountable. Together, this community strives to think on the edge of what humans can comprehend.

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