Artist / Activator

What I'm About

In my work I explore complex visual narratives from my direct experiences. The stories I render come from my background as a graffiti writer, street artist, and activator. I carefully combine various forms of symbolism in my work sampled from the likes of graffiti culture to current and historical issues in order to enhance the narrative structures I create. The visual narratives I compose are mental models rooted in social justice, organic rebellion, Earth’s environment, and all that is Sacred. It is my intention to cultivate an awareness of complex issues of the distorted histories of humanity.    

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"Joerael Numina is generous with his time, incredibly insightful, and a great collaborator to work with. From my vantage point as a designer, educator, cultural leader, and one practicing deep with community I have looked to Joerael for feedback and guidance on many projects and a greater understanding of ways his work can have a profound impact within our Santa Fe community."

Joseph KunkelPrincipal, Director, SNC Design Lab